Paying Outside The Box - Ofek Learning Hub

כשמציעים לי אתגרים, אני תמיד אומרת... כן!
אז מעכשיו באופן רשמי, אני גם מורה ל🎲 לילדים בתפוצות אמריקה (בזום). שמחה שזכיתי לעבוד בחממת האון ליין של אופק, בשיתוף עם ה 
Israeli American Council - IAC
לאתר האינטרנט של חממת אופק:
לעמוד הפייסבוק של אופק לחצו כאן.
Dear friends
I hope you are all well in these crazy times. I wanted to update you about an exciting positive development that is happening in my life right now
This coming October I am going to start teaching online through the Israeli American Council (IAC) - Ofek Learning Hub
Ofek is a new online learning hub for students of all ages, allowing them to study a variety of subjects from the comfort of their home. Courses are held in small groups which allows a direct interaction between students and teacher. Ofek has all the learning tools that are specifically suited for distance learning
More than 800 students have already joined us in this amazing experience and I am inviting you to do the same! Ofek is offering Hebrew classes, enrichment classes, Adult education classes, Israeli Culture classes and much more
I will be teaching🎲🎲🎲 Playing Outside The Box🎲🎲🎲and I would love to see you in my class (bring your friends too). You can find my class here:
It is an amazing opportunity to learn and improve your Hebrew and connect to Israel

I am excited to teach children from all states & looking forward to seeing
 you soon